Almost ten years ago I published Who Should We Then Read?  a book that focuses on the lives and the books of more than 150 authors who wrote wonderful books for children, young adults, and grown-ups.  It has been well-received.  Just the other day someone called it “the blue book of books”.  THAT was a fun thing to hear!

About six years ago I began work on a second volume of the book, a NEW collection of authors and their books.  Every year I thought it would be finished by the NEXT year and would tell my customers that.  Oh!  Such misguided speaking! 

I really hoped to have it finished THIS year.  I worked diligently on it last fall when we were home in Minnesota, hoping for a Spring printing.  It didn’t happen.  HOWEVER, it is ALMOST finished.  One friend is editing it, another is doing covers, and I am cleaning up the formating and making it ready to go.  It’s an arduous task!  Self-publishing is tedious!  But we are excited about the book.  Same format as the first book, but SUCH wonderful new authors!  Many I did not even know when I wrote the first book.  Some were suggested by readers of WSWTR, others I learned about as we spent time in books and bookstores. 

We have a projected print date of October, 2008.  Stay tuned to my blog for the announcement.  And please pray for me!  Traveling is not condusive to writing (at least for me) so the finishing touches will have to wait until we get home in September.  We know that the new authors will open doors that will take readers into wonderful territories.  I LOVE my job!