Not many people drive a vehicle past the 300,000 mile mark.  Mighty Whitey is at 387,000.  She is quite ill.  She has something that needs to be fixed that MOST vehicle owners will never know about – her SPIDER.  What, you ask, is a spider?  It is a complicated electronic part that hides under the intake manifold.  YIKES!  We would appreciate prayers on the behalf of Mighty Whitey so we can continue our journey.  God brought us to an amazing mechanic, Jim, who is a car doctor.  He saved our lives and schedule four summers ago when MW broke down here in Portland.  He remembered us!  Do you suppose it’s because we’re the ONLY people who stayed in our van in his parking lot at night???!!!

Last week we were vendors at the Denver Homeschool Convention.  I was able to sit in on the opening address by Voddie Bacham.  He says “I am not a SPEAKER, I am a PREACHER!!!” and preach he did!  It was very insightful and challenging.  His main point (taken from Paul’s second letter to Timothy) was that mentors teach their students how to DIE for the sake of the Gospel.  Riches, Fame, Power – it will ALL disappear.  We have to raise children who choose to give it all for Jesus.

Also at the conference was an amazing man we’ve met at other conferences.  He asked that I share his ministry with my readers, and I am happy to do so.  Here is his information:

Brent Nelson
Family Legacies
615-415-1432 (cell)

Our web site is
Our primary purpose is to provide interest free adoption loans for Christian families. Here is a quick list of bullets about Family Legacies…

*      501 c3 non-profit.

*      All of our board members have adopted.

*      100% of all donations go toward adoptions (our overhead expenses are covered by a private company).

*      We target Christian families for our interest free adoption loans, particularly godly homeschool families.

*      We provide interest free loans usually between $5,000 to $10,000.

*      We are working with local churches to set up adoption fund ministries.

*      Our interest free loans are paid back very quickly because of the US adoption tax credit. We then take 100% of the repaid loan and use it over and over to help other adoptions. For example, a $5,000 loan, using the same money, becomes $40,000 in 10 years, helping 8 orphans become adopted.

*      We offer additional financial help with matching grants.

I was blessed to have my dear friend, Lynn Vanwingerden, help in the booth.  She had a hilarious conversation with Brent, who had never met someone who had adopted ELEVEN children without this kind of assistance.  Lynn and her hubby, Arie, also have 12 biological children.  23 children!!! And she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

We are looking forward to our trip down the coast to Santa Rosa next weekend.  The Pacific Northwest is beautiful but gas prices are REALLY HIGH!!!!

Gary and I both speak this weekend at the Oregon Homeschool Conference.  We are praying that hearts will be touched and families restored/ made stronger through our words.