Gary and I drove 30 miles Friday night to see the new movie, An American Carol.  We had heard it advertised on the radio and decided to do our patriotic best to support this effort by conservatives in Hollywood.  We enjoyed it immensely.  Having grown up on MAD Magazine humor, I laughed louder than most of those in the audience, many, judging from military haircuts, from nearby Ft. Leonard Wood.

The movie uses Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol as the base for its story.  Kelsey Grammer, as George Patton, is the angel who takes the Scrooge character, one Micheal Malone, to the past, the present, and the future.  Micheal Malone, a greedy, sloppy, fat, self-centered America-hating film producer, is in the midst of a campaign to eliminate Fourth of July celebrations when he is interrupted by General Patton.  (The Fourth of July must be done away with since WHY should anyone celebrate the birth of a horrible country like the United States of America?)

The movie speeds through its polically incorrect humor at a rapid pace.  In the 93 minutes we are sent to the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, 1968, a current college classroom, the plotting sessions of an inept group of Muslim terrorists, and a country western concert in Madison Square Gardens.  Though it is funny it is also disturbing as it points out the liberal views of those who would have us hate our own country.

It’s up to us as movie ticket buyers to tell those who made this movie, “THANK YOU” and “We support you!”  Don’t let this opportunity slip by – go see the movie, laugh, and tell others to give up a few dollars to back the efforts of these daring actors and actresses who have taken such a bold step as this – making a CONSERVATIVE movie.