My blogging has been more than sporadic the past few months – it has been non-existent.  But then, I don’t know if people look at it anyway!  So whether I’m here or not here – does it really matter??!!  (This is Minnesota angst speaking!  How COULD I presume people will read what I think??!! How audacious!)

We have been enjoying the milder weather present in Missouri, 7 degrees south of our home in Cokato.  This is MAY weather and it’s only February!  No snow.  Sunny skies.  Why DID our ancestors choose Minnesota and WHATEVER kept them there??!!

Gary and I are looking forward to our conference season.  Got a small taste of it the past few weeks in Florida speaking at two smaller conferences.  I do love the privilege of impacting the lives of people with the message of good books and successful parenting.  Our conference schedule is on our website:

For any of you who are checking this blog for information and updates about our grandson, Charlie, you can check his page on under CharlesHarris.

Jenni, Jason, Mikee, Charlee Christmas 2008

Jenni, Jason, Mikee, Charlee Christmas 2008

He continues to amaze us all with his astonishing recovery following the removal of a grapefruit sized tumor in his head on his second birthday, January 13.  God has been gracious and merciful and we will keep trusting Him through the radiation that is scheduled.

Volume 2 is done and the first printing almost gone.

scan00011We’ll be printing again to have books for the conference season.

We have received many positive comments on the cover and the contents.  Yee Haw!

Jan Bloom