My previous post in March used a quote by a character in a book who said REAL bloggers ALWAYS blog. And I laughed when I wrote that in March.  WHAT?  It’s November?  WHEN did THAT happen?!  Oh!  I am NOT a real blogger AT ALL.  I use way to many capital letters and I post way too frequently, though I am always, always, always, thinking of things to write. It’s the doing, it’s the doing…

I have always loved the days/weeks/months when life flows smoothly and everything fits into everything else and life is good.  Oh! Wait!  Have I EVER lived like that?  Hmmmm…Nope!  But I’ve read BOOKS in which life flows so I at least have an idea of what that would be like!  My life is SO fragmented.  I live here in a lovely home then I live in a van. I have a newsletter with my yahoogroups BooksBloom group, a facebook page (jan goldsmith bloom) as well as booksbloom, I email friends and family but sometimes I don’t have email access,  we have a cell phone but Gary always has it, we don’t have a text plan and I have never even SEEN a twitter, and I feel like I ought to somehow get used to the 21st century.

Back in my last posting in March, Gary had just finished installing a new engine in Mighty Whitey.  We had to rent a truck for 4 conferences while he was working on it, so it was with great relief we set out shortly after my post. We were heading for the Cincinnati conference but we left a few days early in order to  rendezvous with Jenni, our daughter, and her three children, who were in Bloomington, Indiana for Charlie’s one-year post-radiation check up.  Not more than twenty miles up the road from Rolla we heard a very bad sound (yes! Sounds CAN be good or they can be bad!) Gary called Clark, our mechanic, and we turned around to head back home. Clark listened, drew out the oil dip-stick, and announced the engine had blown a rod.  WHAT??!!!  This cannot be! OH NO!!!

Clark suggested buying another vehicle.  RIGHT.  We had just spent any extra money we had on the new engine and renting those silly trucks.  We did not have MONEY to buy another vehicle.  But it was evident Mighty Whitey could not go any further.  418,000 miles was a miracle in itself – we really could not hope for more, could we?  Clark was adamant – we could NOT!  We found a newer van and were able to buy it and set out that evening, thinking all was well.  Sadly, we have spent almost as much on repairs on the NEW Mighty Whitey as we paid for it, which was quite a bit.  OUCH!! Life is sometimes a puzzle, isn’t it?

We’ve been back home in Missouri since mid-September.  Gary tried to find a temporary position but that didn’t happen, so he has been blessed by having friends and acquaintances willing to pay him to do repair and remodeling work.

Two weeks ago I ended up having emergency surgery to remove a nineteen pound cyst attached to my ovary, so THAT has certainly put a crimp in my ideas and plans I was going to implement this Fall! I’m doing well.  I lost 24 pounds in one week but it is not a weight reduction program I can recommend! My daughter, Jenni, created a Caring Bridge site (jan bloom) and I’ve had to add THAT to my list of things to do, too.

Books…I was able to finish Vince Flynn’s new book, AMERICAN ASSASSIN, before my surgery so JJ was able to take it back to Norfolk to read after he visited us the weekend after my surgery. Yesterday I finished a very interesting book by Mark Andrew Olsen, ULTERIOR MOTIVES.  This is the third book I’ve read by Olsen and I must say he is highly original and causes all kinds of questions and responses.  In Olsen’s book a former Army Special Forces guy is sent to convert a top Al-Qaeda Muslim.  Sounds unrealistic, but it is an incredible story of a broken man who has found redemption in Jesus reaching beyond the barriers of religion to find common ground and the image of God in an enemy.  It was both a tear-jerker and a stunning look at the differences between Christianity (TRUE Christianity) and forgiveness vs Islam and revenge.

I truly want to get my blog back going with ideas, thoughts, recommendations, and links. It’s scary to even write that, knowing I need to DO what I have planned and stated. YIKES!  Whoever came up with this accountability stuff?  Do I think a homemaker of 100 years ago worried about blogs, posts, newsletters, emails, cell phones, as well as cooking, baking, mending, cleaning, and being a good wife?  Uh – what does THAT have to do with anything?

We are working on our conference schedule for 2011 and it’s on our website,  Oh, yeah!  One MORE thing I have to do.  I am NOT suited for all this technology!  I like BOOKS. Grrrrrrrrr…

Off I go to DO what needs to be done.  Where are my Powdered Milk Biscuits when I need them??!!

Jan Bloom