Great cover, isn't it?  Thanks, JD!

Great cover, isn't it? Thanks, JD!

After YEARS of research, writing, life, and procrastination, volume two has been FINISHED!!!  And I love it! It will be ready by the end of next week (January 15th), so I am accepting orders.  It is $19.95 plus $3.50 shipping.

It was inspiring to get to know these 155 authors – some were familiar to me prior to beginning the project, others were added along the way.  Here are the names of the authors whose lives and book lists are in this volume of Who Should We Then Read?

Abbott, Jacob

Adler, Irving

Alcock, Deborah

Alden, Isabella “Pansy”

Alexander, Lloyd

Allen, Merritt Parmalee

Bailey, Arthur Scott

Bendick, Jeanne

Beskow, Elsa

Bishop, Claire Hutchet

Bjorn, Thyra Ferre

Blough, Glenn

Blyton, Enid

Bontemps, Arna

Bowen, Robert Sidney

Boylston, Helen

Branley, Franklyn

Brock, Emma

Brooks, Elbridge

Brown, Margaret Wise

Buck, Margaret Waring

Buehr, Walter

Burroughs, Edgar Rice

Burt, Olive

Chesterston, G.K.

Christie, Agatha

Christopher, John

Christopher, Matt

Comfort, Mildred

Comstock, Anna Botsford

Connor, Ralph

Coolidge, Susan

Cooney, Barbara

Credle, Ellis

Curwood, James

Daringer, Helen

Douglas, Lloyd

Duggan, Alfred

Durrell, Gerald

Eager, Edward

Earle, Olive

Edmonds, Walter

Ellis, Edward

Epstein, Samuel

Epstein, Beryl

Evans, Augusta

Ewing, Juliana

Fabre, Jean Henri

Fisher, Leonard Everett

Flack, Marjorie

Forester, C.S.

Fox, John Jr.

Fujikawa, Gyo

Godden, Rumer

Goudey, Alice

Grahame, Kenneth

Gray, Nicholas Stuart

Green, Roger Lancelyn

Grey, Zane

Guerber, H.A.

Haggard, H. Rider

Halliburton, Richard

Hall-Quest, Olga

Harnett, Cynthia

Harris, Joel Chandler

Herriott, James

Hilton, James

Hodges, C. Walter

Hogner, Nils

Jackson, C. Paul

Jewett, Eleanor

Johnston, Annie Fellows

Johnston, Johanna

Jones, Mary Alice

Justus, May

Kingsley, Charles

Kingston, W. H. G.

Komroff, Manuel

Lampman, Evelyn

Lamprey, Louise

Lang, Andrew

Large, Laura

Lattimore, Eleanor

Lauber, Patricia

Leighton, Margaret

L’Engle, Madeleine

Lomask, Milton

MacInnes, Helen

Malvern, Gladys

Marryat, Frederick

Marshall, H. E.

McClung, Robert

McMeekin, Isabel

Meade, L. T.

Means, Florence

Meltzer, Milton

Miller, Olive Beaupre’

Mills, Dorothy

Milne, A. A.

Mirsky, Reba

Molesworth, Mrs.

Montgomery, Elizabeth

Montgomery, Rutherford

Morgan, Alfred P.

Nash, Ogden

Noble, Iris

Nolan, Jeanette

Norris, Kathleen

O’Brien, Jack

O’Hara, Mary

Orczy, Baroness

Orwell, George

Page, Thomas

Peters, Ellis

Picard, Barbara

Polland, Madeleine

Pollard, Josephine

Porter, Eleanor

Read, Miss

Reeder, Colonel Red

Reid, Mayne

Richards, Laura

Quackenbush, Robert

Sabatini, Rafael

Sabin, Edwin

Savery, Constance

Sayers, Dorothy

Schaeffer, Francis

Schaeffer, Edith

Scott, Walter

Selsam, Millicent

Serraillier, Ian

Seton, Ernest

Shapiro, Irwin

Singmaster, Elsie

Sobol, Donald

Strang, Herbert

Stretton, Hesba

Suskind, Richard

Tappan, Eva

Tarkington, Booth

Taylor, Sydney

Travers, P. L.

Tudor, Tasha

Unstead, R. J.

Vance, Marguerite

Wellman, Manly Wade

Weyman, Stanley

White, Robb

Willard, Barbara

Wilson, Dorothy Clarke

Winterfeld, Henry

Wodehouse, P. G.

Wright, Harold Bell

Yonge, Charlotte

Zim, Herbert

YIKES!!!  I did a very  nice, fancy three-column spread and it came out as one long column.  I thoroughly dislike being a techno-dummy sometimes!

This book is 312 pages, with a double laminated cover for durability and a spiral binding for ease in use at booksales and shopping.

I attempted a paypal button but it disappeared when I published the page.  Oh!  It is awful sometimes being the techno-dummy I’ve already claimed to be!  If you are interested in buying a copy, you can email me at:  or go to paypal and go through the long way of sending money.

My apologies for a thoroughly amateur posting!!!

Jan Bloom


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